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The Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association (PAMPA) is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. We are an organization of approximately 600 members in 35 countries, whose common interest is model airplanes, specifically the kind that fly tethered on control lines, and perform STUNTS. The models are often very beautiful, and are carefully constructed from traditional materials like balsa wood, silkspan, and dope. Top models are beautifully finished and extremely light and strong for their size.

The mission of PAMPA is to promote and improve control line precision aerobatics events.

PAMPA membership also includes the organization's newsletter, "Stunt News," as well as full access to the PAMPA web site. Professionally edited and published in both paper and online formats, "Stunt News" is the labor of many PAMPA members from around the globe sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. The PAMPA web site has digital articles available for download, pictures, District/Regional information, scoresheets, rules, and contest/event calendars available for on line viewing.

For information on membership, delivery options, and format available, download the PAMPA Membership Application in Adobe PDF Format.

If you have not already joined, we look forward to having you as a member of PAMPA.

What is Control Line Stunt?

Stunt is considered by many to be the premier control line event and one of the most fascinating and spectacular shows in all of aeromodeling. Perhaps you've wanted to get involved, but of course, have a lot of questions. The answers are here, and it's not as difficult to get started as you might think. All across the country are experienced modelers who are willing to help you. That's one of Stunt's greatest assets. The people are the friendliest and most helpful in all of modeling. Read on and join in...

Stunt, or as it's known by its proper name, Control Line Precision Aerobatics (CLPA), has a rich and colorful history. Debuting as a national competition in 1941, it grew rapidly after the Second World War. We now honor our beginnings in two special events. Old Time Stunt (OTS) is reserved for models designed before 1953. Classic Stunt chronicles the planes designed before 1969. Some OTS ships will even sport vintage gasoline burning spark ignition engines and the best Classic ships still remain competitive with more modern designs. In both these events, competition is more low-key and much emphasis is placed on building and finishing models in a fashion consistent with the era being celebrated. An annual springtime gathering of OTS and Classic enthusiasts in Arizona has become the most widely attended Stunt contest in the world.

The modern CLPA pattern is a series of flight maneuvers that are scored according to geometric perfection. Loops must be circles, not eggs. Squares must be square, not rectangles. When the pattern calls for a repeated maneuver, the repetitions must all be in exactly the same place. The bottoms of maneuvers must be at shoulder height (4' - 6') and the loops positioned so that the lines make a 45 degree angle with the ground. If the maneuver is a tall one, like a vertical figure eight, the plane must pass directly over the pilot's head when at the top of the maneuver. The flying should be smooth and the whole pattern should flow together. Each of the 14 maneuvers can receive a score from 10 to 40 points. In addition, a pilot who builds his own airplane can receive up to 20 points for the appearance of the model.

Not everyone who flies Stunt has to be a competitor. With a little care, courtesy, and common sense (not to mention a good muffler on the engine) many CL sport fliers get together at the local athletic field for a little "Sunday Flying." Control Line Stunt can be approached at a variety of levels, from a hobby to an Olympic level sport. Olympics ? You Bet! Every other year, our top competitors vie for three positions on the team that represents the USA at the Control Line World Championships. Although the atmosphere at a contest can be charged with competitive energy, you will always find the fliers willing to help you and each other. At local and regional meets, fliers are separated into skill classes to ensure a fair and even competition. The four skill classes are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. A pilot's ability and contest record determines how he or she moves up through the classes.

Stunt flyers are tied together by the Precision Aerobatics Model Pilot's Association or "PAMPA." PAMPA represents CLPA enthusiasts on a national and international basis. You do not have to be a serious competitor to benefit from PAMPA. In fact, about 35% of PAMPA's members are non-competing sport flyers. PAMPA's magazine "Stunt News" is packed with all sorts of information relevant to the various aspects of participating in the hobby. PAMPA is an officially recognized special interest group of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, a 200,000 member national organization of modelers who's charter is to promote and improve the hobby and sport of aeromodeling.

Like any worthwhile activity, what you get out of it depends on how much you are willing to put into it. Designing, building, painting, engine tuning and flying all play an important role. Best of all, few hobby / sport activities can offer more freedom to express your personal creativity. Join US! Fly Stunt! 

An excerpt from Bill Huang


PAMPA Bylaws

Article I – Name and Purpose:  The name of the corporation shall be the Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots’ Association, Inc.  The corporation shall be abbreviated hereinafter as PAMPA.  The Purpose of the corporation shall be to promote, preserve, and improve the Control Line Precision Aerobatics events.

Article II – Affiliation:  PAMPA is recognized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as the Special Interest Group (SIG) representing Control Line Precision Aerobatics (CLPA) enthusiasts on a national and international basis.

Article III – Members:  Members with voting rights shall be persons who have PAMPA dues paid for the current year.  Members who fly shall be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics or the national aero club of the country in which they have residence where such is available.  The trustees may determine other memberships with or without voting privilege on an individual basis.

PAMPA membership does not provide indemnification from injury or property damage or other legal actions associated with the operation of model airplanes or any other activity.

Membership is open to all regardless of sex, race creed, national origin or color.

Article IV – Trustees:  The Trustees shall be elected officers who include: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and one District Director for each of the AMA Districts.  Each Trustee must be a member and shall serve for a period of two years, with no limitation on successive terms.  The Trustees are an Executive Council (EC).  The EC may create or amend districts in addition to the AMA districts.  Districts created or amended by the EC must be approved by a two thirds favorable vote of the general membership. The terms of office of the President, Secretary/Treasurer and all District Directors from odd numbered districts shall commence on April first of even numbered years.  The terms of office of the Vice President and all District Directors from even numbered districts shall commence on April first of odd numbered years.  The editor of the official PAMPA newsletter, Stunt News, and the Membership Secretary are appointed positions (not elected by the general membership) and thus do not have EC voting rights. They shall serve as part of the EC in an advisory capacity.

A Trustee may be removed from office by a three fourths majority vote at the general membership meeting or by a two thirds majority vote of the membership eligible to elect that Trustee position.  Members who wish to remove a Trustee must present a request bearing the names of twenty five percent of those eligible to elect that Trustee, to the Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall then determine the validity of the request and if valid present the request to the EC.  A vote for removal of the Trustee shall be determined by the EC.  If the vote for removal is approved, the position is vacant.  There is no requirement for a signed request for removal of a Trustee at the annual membership meeting.

Article V – Newsletter:  A periodic newsletter known as Stunt News shall be mailed to every active member as permitted by available funds.  In no event shall any issue of the newsletter be mailed at any one time to less than all of the active members.  The newsletter editor shall be appointed by the president and approved by a majority of the Trustees.

Article VI – Meetings:  An annual meeting of the corporation, open to all members, shall be held during the annual National Model Airplane Championships or, in the absence of same, such event at which the national champion CLPA is determined.  A meeting of the EC shall be held prior to the annual general membership meeting.  Additional meetings shall be held as determined by the Trustees.  A meeting agenda shall be made available on the PAMPA web site at least 7 days prior to the EC and general membership meetings at the annual National Model Airplane Championships or, in the absence of same, such event at which the national champion CLPA is determined.  Notification of all meetings shall be provided in a timely manner to all active members by publication in Stunt News and/or other means.  No quorum shall be required of business conducted at membership meetings.  Minutes and results of all EC and general membership votes shall be made available by electronic or other means within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the votes taken and will also be published in the next available issue of Stunt News.

Trustees unable to attend meetings may utilize proxy representation.  Proxy is subject to the following restraints:

  • Proxy must be a member.
  • Proxy must be a resident of the district if representing a District Director.
  • Proxy must be the designee, in writing, of the Trustee or District Director.
  • Proxy may act only per the written instructions of the appointing Trustee or District Director.
  • Proxy may not lead meetings.

Article VII – Official Business:  The EC shall determine all regular PAMPA business.  Results of EC votes taken require a simple majority for passage.  Votes taken at the general membership meeting require a simple majority of members present for passage unless otherwise stated in the bylaws.  The EC must follow the direction as stated by the general membership.  All votes taken at the membership meeting are binding. 

The method of taking a vote shall be determined by the EC.

Article VIII – Duties of the Executive Council:  The EC is responsible for establishing policy and objectives of the corporation.

The President shall preside at all EC meetings and PAMPA General Membership Meetings and shall execute the policies established by the Trustees.  He shall appoint committee members and chairmen as he deems appropriate.  Committee Chairmen appointed by the President shall serve until removed by the President.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in his absence.  The Vice President shall assist the President in executing the policies established by the Trustees.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, the chairmanship of all PAMPA Meetings falls successively to the Secretary/Treasurer, then the Membership Secretary, then the Stunt News Editor, and then to the District Directors in order of largest to smallest membership.

The Secretary/Treasurer or designee shall keep a correct and accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the EC as well as the membership meetings.  Such records shall be available to any member at reasonable times, and expenses may be charged.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all funds of the corporation and be responsible for all tax filings.  A financial statement shall be published annually and a statement of receipts and disbursements shall be published at least twice annually in the newsletter.  The Secretary/Treasurer may hire accountants in this work with the advice of the President.

The Membership Secretary shall be responsible to foster increases in membership in PAMPA. The Membership Secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining the membership list and keeping it current. This includes all associated administrative activities including receiving membership renewals and all outward communication to members regarding membership status including acknowledgements. The PAMPA membership roll shall be provided to the editor of Stunt News.

The District Directors shall be responsible to provide counsel to the President, advice as to the opinions of constituent members, and carry out such responsibilities as may be assigned to them by the President.  The District Directors are encouraged to inform members of scheduled meetings and their results.

The Executive Council shall serve as a PAMPA Rules Committee, with a chairman to be appointed by the President.  The Executive Council shall serve as an advisory board to the Academy of Model Aeronautics if so asked.

Article IX – Nominations and Elections:  Candidates for each vacant Trustee position to become open during the following year shall be nominated at the annual meeting.  One nomination each for President, Vice President, and Secretary//Treasurer may be made by any member.  Nominations for each District Director may be made only by members of that district.  Only one nomination for District Director may be made by a member of that district.  Directors may self nominate.  Members need not be present to accept nomination, but must accept nomination in writing, by telephone, or other means at the General Membership Meeting.  Preliminary voting will be taken at the meeting to allow for no more than two candidates for each position in the general election.

Ballots listing the nominees shall be distributed to all members.  Write-in votes are allowed and space for such will be provided.  Ballots shall be sent out on a date fixed by the President and returned to the Secretary/Treasurer.  The President shall set a closing date for receiving the votes.  The final tabulation of the votes must be completed no later than fifteen days after the closing date of the election with Article VI.

A nominee must receive a simple majority to be elected, and in the case of a tie the EC shall hold a secondary election to determine the outcome.

Vacancies in office shall be filled only for the balance of the unexpired term by appointment to be made by the President with the advice and consent of a majority of the Trustees, which may be secured by electronic or other means.  District Director Trustees mush reside in their respective district, and only members who reside in that district shall be entitled to vote thereon.

Article X – Fiscal Year:  The fiscal year of the corporation shall be from April 1 through March 31, inclusive.

Article XI – Dues:  Dues shall be fixed by the Trustees.

Article XII – Amendments to Bylaws:  Any active member may submit a proposal for amendment to the Bylaws. Upon such submission to a Trustee, the Executive Council shall determine after thirty days and before ninety days if the proposed amendment shall be presented to the membership.  The individual vote of each member of the Executive Council and the proposed amendment, if passed, shall be reported to the membership by electronic and/or other means, and in the next available issue of Stunt News.  The individual vote of each member of the EC and the amendment, if passed, shall be reported by electronic and other means, and in the next available issue of the newsletter.  If the amendment is passed by the EC the President shall call for a vote of the membership not sooner than thirty days nor later than ninety days after publication in Stunt News.  A two thirds favorable majority vote of those members responding is required for adoption of the proposed amendment.

Article XIII – Indemnification:  Every person who is, will be or has been a Trustee or Officer of the Corporation and his personal representatives shall be indemnified by the Corporation against all costs and expenses reasonable incurred by or imposed upon him in connection with or arising in whole or in part from any action, suit or proceeding to which he may be made a party by reason of his being a past, present or prospective Trustee or officer of the Corporation or any subsidiary, affiliate, committee or other subpart thereof, except in relation to such matters as he shall be finally adjudicated in such action, suit or proceeding to have acted in bad faith, and to have been liable by reason of willful misconduct in the performance of duty on behalf of the corporation.  Costs and expenses as used herein shall include, but not be limited to, attorney’s fees, expert witness fees and other attendant expenses of litigation or arbitration, damages awarded or amounts paid in settlement.