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September 8, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Do you have a Club Champion?

The leadership of NVCL is always looking for ways to encourage our club members to be active, so last year we instituted a Club Champion Award to encourage participation in our annual Stunt-Fest.  The award is made to the club member that places highest in their skill class – that is, you divide your score by the winners score and that is the percentage that is compared.  So, for instance, if you place first in Beginner Stunt and no other club member wins a first in their skill class, you are Club Champion.  In the case of a tie, award goes to the person with the most competitors in their skill class.

Since we did not have our StuntFest this year, we made the award based on the only contest that our members were able to attend.  Peter Klosky won 1st place in Intermediate at the Philly Fliers contest and based on his placing highest of any club member in their skill class he is the 2020 NVCL Club Champion winner!

At the award ceremony we had 6 members in attendance with Frank Dobrydney, Peter Klosky, Jerry Glier, Ken Garlem, Tony Carp, and me.  Besides the presentation, we did a bunch of flying and mowing. In fact, Peter and Tony were still mowing when I left.

We had an exciting day filled with special activities and events!

First we had lawnmower match races

And then some general flying.  

Picture “Oct 31 Ken Garlem and plane” goes here

Here’s Ken flying his Veco Crusader

Tony with his FliteStreak

Picture “Oct 31 Ken’s planes” goes here

Ken’s planes under the tent

Waiting for the podium to be set up and the speeches to begin.

Sunshades are worth their weight in gold!

Trophy awaiting award:

(zoom in to see name plates)

Jerry Glier brought hors d’oeuvres for the social time before the speeches and presentation:

Picture “Oct 31 Club Trophy and Hors D’oeuvres” goes here

You can see that we spent the “Big Bucks” on the hors d’oeuvres!

Here we are awaiting the presentation.  We killed time by telling Frank that Peter’s last name was misspelled on the plaque.  It was a terrible thing to torment Frank like that, but you know how we are….

Gerry Glier, Frank Dobrydney, and Peter Klosky behind those masks!

Here is Peter with his winning plane and his award:

Picture “Oct 31 Pete and trophy” goes here

Congratulations Peter!

Afterwards, we did some more flying.  

Here is Ken launching Gerry (last year’s award winner)

And here is Pete (this year’s award winner) launching Ken:

Pete with Championship form

We had a great time!  You could too!  Does your club have an annual Club Champion celebration?