District 1 Report – 2018
September 8, 2021
District IV Report
September 8, 2021

Competition was hot and fierce today in Dallas. The pilots meeting was moved to 7:30 in the morning due to the weather forecast for really hot weather. The decision paid off and all official flying was done before 12:00. The light winds and clouds kept most of the heat at bay and made for a really pleasurable morning of flying!
The top three in advanced was John Bender, Joe Hildreth and Tom Fluker. Joe Hildreth also won the concours award for his beautiful semi scale Fw-190. 
Expert competition resulted in Steve Moon taking victory, with Matt Colan just one point behind, and Doug Moon third flying Bob Gieseke’s 2003 Bear. Matt Colan also won the District VIII championship. 
Congrats to everyone! The next District VIII contest is Tulsa, OK September 25-26