District 1 Report 2020
November 1, 2020
District VIII
December 22, 2020

From the President’s desk….

Our truncated flying season is mostly over for 2020. Here the cold

winds and gloomy skies say it’s time to begin the winter building

season. This was the most unusual year, no matter what the subject

but certainly in our hobby/sport. For some it has held and may still

hold some very hard times in terms of personal health and financial set

backs. In my house we have been fortunate and gotten through so far

without many troubles. It is my sincere hope the same can be said of

all of you, and that sadness hasn’t gotten too close to your door.

We have also gotten to the other side of a very difficult election that

has had many totally captivated. I have tried not to express my views

personally so as to keep the politics away from this organization as

much as possible. I know we have strong opinions on both sides and in

other venues, have seen tempers cause some grief. Now that the

results are in I hope we can get back to our mutual love of this sport

and will all move on. Perhaps the one thing we will have to see about

as a group in this regard is if/how the new administration leans on the

FAA/Remote ID/ Drone issue now that the final draft has just been sent

on for approval. This trash will be adopted unless the next Congress


One BIG item on my agenda is to find the next Nats Event Director. On

the 17th I will attend the AMA Nats planning meeting as requested by

them. I will carry our touch whatever distance necessary to get the

planning started but still wish that someone else will take the job for

next year. It was indeed my great honor to have the job in 2020 and I

surely may do it again in the future. I feel I have a few more

competitive years left in my aging body though and want the chance to

finish the race. If need be I WILL help to the max and perhaps be the

assistant if a new director wants. I believe we found some new ways to

hold the Nats in a pandemic successfully and hope these will be

repeated and give encouragement to those who didn’t come this time.

To my knowledge nobody fell to the virus who came to or was involved

with the 2020 Nats. I’m proud of that! Please give some serious

thought to stepping up to take the job. You’ll have the greatest crew to

back you up and AMA went far out of their way to be helpful. We

gained a great deal of respect with them by going ahead and doing our

part this year when other groups fell away. Please be aware the Nats

will be a month early this next year due to the RC Worlds being held in

Muncie. It will be a crazy-busy year coming with the Nats, the

postponed 2020 Worlds and yes, the Team Trials for the NEXT worlds.

BTW I believe the trials will once again be held in Tulsa and likely over

the Labor Day weekend. This is a great site and a good crowd-plan to


With this especially ‘off’ year there hasn’t been very much going on for

our District Directors to report but Chris has put out the call for them

and YOU to contribute to the membership with news and articles. I am

going to jump into a new build (which I don’t really need but who

cares?) and will commence a build thread/column/article for those who

may be interested to see what goes on in my shop. For a while I’ve

been working on a group of new carbon props and molds but need a

break from that and work some balsa. So look for a teaser of this

herein on the site.

That will end my message for this year. As the holiday season is

approaching I wish you all a great Thanksgiving and Christmas and am

eager to hear about what you are working on for next year. Also if you

would consider being the “MAN” for the Nats next year please let us